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Your commercial is stupid,showing all those women in their bras,I might be old fashioned,but you people now a days have gone just way too far.

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I agree. So offensive, and I would never buy their products because of the commercials.


I agree


I cannot change the channel fast enough. Those are disgusting to even look at.


Your commercials are disgusting. Too revealing.

Clean them up and be decent.

Children should not be exposed to a womans body as you display it. I wouldn’t EVER order from your company because of the indecency you show on TV.


I totally agree. These women are *** stars! Horrible for our children to see this garage and whomever allowed this shame on you!


As your own company representative said, "through personal and intimate moments" . These moments should, in my opinion, remain personal.

One of your commercials was shown during an L.A. Dodgers baseball game. Surely you realize that families, many with young children- boys in particular- will be watching. I hope this was a "trial balloon" and we won't be subjected to this commercial again.

You might consider showing your commercials during late-night programming when (hopefully) adults will be watching. I really have to agree with a previous reviewer who called this "soft *** Mysteriously, their full review was not available to read-?

Only your stock answer which you posted again in response to a similar complaint. Thanks for listening.


It's a bra company. They're not trying to sell lawnmowers, they're trying to sell bras.


We are very sorry you feel that way. In launching this campaign, we wanted to depict women in their everyday lives in the most authentic form.

Our goal was not to offend or alienate anyone; we aimed to represent a diverse range of women who all of our customers could relate to in various times of their life. We want to celebrate the beauty of womanhood through personal and intimate moments that haven’t been shown before.


Well do it while it's late night TV, not during the day when our kids are watching.. Where's the respect? Smh


Oh for heaven's sake. Your commercials are fine.

My complaint is condom commercials..sexual performance jellies..erectile dysfunction ads etc. Your commercials are no more revealing than the ads with women at a spinning class.

I think people should lighten up. I'm a conservative and a retired teacher with grandchildren by the way.

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